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Sea Eagle

Inflatable Boat Sea Eagle 9

Inflatable Boat Sea Eagle 9

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**Explore the Waters with the Sea Eagle 9 Inflatable Boat - Your Affordable Multi-Purpose Watercraft**

Discover the Sea Eagle 9 Inflatable Boat, a lightweight and affordable watercraft that accommodates up to 4 people, offering exceptional stability and compatibility with small gas or electric motors. This versatile boat is perfect for various water activities, from fishing to yacht tending, mild whitewater rafting, and leisurely exploration of lakes and bays.

**About the Motormount Boats Series:**

Sea Eagle's Inflatable Motormount Boats have been a staple since 1982, consistently ranking among the best-selling boats for several reasons. Their stability, safety, versatility, and cost-effectiveness make them an unparalleled value in the boating world.

**Key Features:**

- **Multi-Purpose Design:** The Sea Eagle 9 is designed for a range of activities, including fishing, yacht tending, whitewater rafting, and general motoring or rowing on lakes and bays.

- **Affordable and Lightweight:** Offering affordability without compromising quality, Sea Eagle's Motormount Boats are lightweight, making them easy to handle, carry, and stow.

- **Motor Compatibility:** Easily outfitted with removable inflatable seats and a motormount, the Sea Eagle 9 can accommodate up to a 3 hp gas motor (20" shaft minimum, 45 lbs. max weight) or up to a 74 lb. thrust electric motor (min 30" shaft).

- **Simple Setup:** These boats are designed to be simple to use and set up, providing a hassle-free experience for users of all levels.

Whether you're seeking a ship-to-shore rowing dinghy or a motorized vessel for fishing and recreational boating, the Sea Eagle 9 Inflatable Boat delivers on stability, versatility, and value. Dive into your aquatic adventures with the Sea Eagle Motormount Boats series – where simplicity meets performance.


Person Capacity 4
Hull Weight 35 lbs. (50 lbs. with inflatable floor & motor mount)
Length 11 ft.
Beam 4 ft. 8 in.
Interior 7' 6" x 2' 4"
Load Capacity 4 Adults or 1200 lbs.
Deflated Approx. 26" x 26" x10"
Chambers 4 (main & upper safety chamber, motormount support & 1 in floor)
Tube Diameter 15"
Air Valves 4 Deluxe One Way
Inflation time 15 mins.
Seam High Frequency Weld
Material 38 mil Polykrylar (K80 PVC)
Engine Capacity 3 hp gas (20" shaft minimum, 45 lbs. max weight) or up to 74 lb. thrust electric motor (min 30" shaft)
Floor Inflatable Removable Double Layered Reinforced 4" thick I-beam constructed w/ external protective sheath
Speed Estimates 5-6 mph w/Gas, 4-5 mph w/Electric
Inflation Pressure 1.1 psi for sides, up to 2 psi for floor

Deflated Hull Size

Width : 26"Height : 10"Length : 26"

Standard Features

  • NMMA & CE Certified
  • Removable high pressure (up to 2 psi) I-beam reinforced inflatable floor encased in superior high strength protective nylon fabric sheath for rigidity
  • Two movable reinforced inflatable seats encased in superior high strength protective nylon fabric sheath for rigidity
  • All around grab line
  • Bow towing grommet
  • Bow carry handle
  • Molded oar clasps
  • Pressure Gauge, Repair Kit & Instructions

Top, Front & Side Views

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