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Sea Eagle

Catamaran Sea Eagle 437ps PaddleSki

Catamaran Sea Eagle 437ps PaddleSki

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Ca**Experience the Ultimate Water Adventure with the Sea Eagle 437ps PaddleSki™ Inflatable Boat - Now at The Boat Outlet**

Introducing the new and improved Sea Eagle 437ps PaddleSki™ Inflatable Catamaran Boat, the epitome of versatility in watercraft. Available at The Boat Outlet, this inflatable boat offers the benefits of a catamaran, motorboat, and rugged portable inflatable, combining stability, speed, and versatility in one remarkable package. It's the perfect companion for paddling, motoring, fishing, sailing, traveling, and more – a true "four-in-one" inflatable watercraft at an unbeatable price!

**Key Features:**

- **Versatility Redefined:** The Sea Eagle 437ps PaddleSki™ is a unique 4-in-1 hull that allows you to paddle, motor, sail, and fish. Its innovative design makes it a versatile watercraft suitable for a range of water adventures.

**About the PaddleSki™ Series at The Boat Outlet:**

Explore the Sea Eagle PaddleSki™ Inflatable Catamaran Boat series at The Boat Outlet, where innovation meets performance. This watercraft features two widely spaced inflatable tubes that not only provide stability but also contribute to a well-balanced hull.

**Exceptional Features:**

- **Effortless Transportation:** The PaddleSki™ packs down to a fraction of its inflatable size, making storage and transportation a breeze.

- **Custom Rigging Options:** Enhance your PaddleSki™ experience with Sea Eagle accessories like the Sun and Rain Canopy, Scotty Fishing Accessories, up to a 6 HP gas engine for speeds up to 16 mph and fuel efficiency of roughly 20 mpg, and the Sea Eagle EZ-CART for easy rolling to and from the water.

- **Comfortable Hydrofoil Design:** Enjoy an efficient and comfortably cushioned ride on the water, floating like pillowy clouds with a hydrofoil shock-absorbing system that prevents the slapping of traditional hulls.

- **Enhanced Safety:** With five independent safety air chambers, the PaddleSki™ ensures added safety for your water adventures.

Get ready for the ride of your life with the Sea Eagle 437ps PaddleSki™ Inflatable Boat. Maximize your water experience with a watercraft that brings together innovation, versatility, and unparalleled performance. Now available at The Boat Outlet.


Person Capacity 2
Hull Weight 58 lbs. (68 lbs. with with Transom)
Length 14 ft. 4 in.
Beam 4 ft.
Interior 11' 6" x 21"
Load Capacity 2 Persons or 855 lbs.
Deflated 36" x 21" x 12"
Chambers 5 (2-port, 2-starboard, floor)
Tube Diameter 14"
Air Valves 5 Recessed One Way
Inflation time 10 min
Seam Quadruple Overlap
Material 1000 Denier Reinforced
Engine Capacity 6 hp gas (max motor weight 60 lbs, 15" shaft) or up to 70 lb. thrust electric motor (min 30" shaft)
Floor 1000 Denier Reinforced Material
Speed Estimates 5 hp (up to 16 mph w/ 1 adult, up to 14 mph w/ 2 adults)
Whitewater Rating Not rated for whitewater
Inflation Pressure Side Chambers 3.2 psi, Floor 8-10 psi

Deflated Hull Size

Width : 36"Height : 12"Length : 21"

Standard Features

  • NMMA Certified
  • New rigid high-pressure inflatable drop stitch floor
  • Rapid self-bailing
  • Incredibly fuel-efficient, minimal draft, near-zero drag, catamaran hull design
  • Five separate independent air chambers for added safety
  • Removable transom for increased storability and portability
  • Seven conveniently located high-strength carry/grab handles
  • Two Universal Scotty® Pads to attach a vast array of optional Scotty® accessories
  • Sun & Rain Canopy mounting system for optional canopy attachment
  • Rolls up and stows in most any car trunk
  • Can take up to a 6 hp outboard
  • Travels up to 16 mph w/ 5 hp outboard
  • EZ-Attach on/off seating system
  • Completely self-bailing
  • Option to use gas or electric motors
  • Non-slip EVA foam deck padding
  • Anti-splash protective rubbing strake bumper
  • High-strength bow D-ring

Top, Front & Side Views

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