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Sea Eagle

Inflatable Boat Sea Eagle 14' Deluxe

Inflatable Boat Sea Eagle 14' Deluxe

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"Seaworthy in All Conditions – Trust the Sea Eagle Sport Runabouts, a legacy product at The Boat Outlet since 1997. With a rich history of traversing Long Island's diverse seas, from calm waters to tumultuous 10-12 foot ocean waves in thunderstorms, these boats have proven their mettle globally. From the Yangtze River to the Indian continent, they've served in fire and flood rescue missions, chosen by Fire and Police Departments worldwide for their reliability in lakes, rivers, bays, and oceans.

Tested by time in various weather conditions, these boats are as safe and seaworthy as inflatable boats can be. Featuring the patented Outside Drop Stitch Inflatable Keel (U.S. Patent #8,286,573 2), these boats offer unmatched performance benefits. The keel allows for sharp and precise turns, essential in crowded harbors, while providing extra buoyancy at the bow to ride over waves instead of plowing through. Paired with large rear rounded tubes, Sea Eagle transom boats excel in responsiveness, stability, and performance in all sea conditions.

The Rigid High-Pressure Inflatable Drop Stitch Floor ensures excellent rigidity, structural strength, and added flotation, significantly reducing weight – a crucial factor for yacht owners, motorhome enthusiasts, fishermen, and recreational boaters. In a 10.6sr, enjoy a weight saving of 31 lbs., 34 lbs. in a 12.6sr, and 41 lbs. in a 14sr, offering super lightweight and easy-to-handle tenders with faster setup times.

Safety is paramount with 5 Separate Independent Safety Air Chambers: Bow, Starboard Side, External Keel, Removable Floor, and Portside. This multi-chamber system adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind for your water adventures. Purchase with confidence at The Boat Outlet, where these seaworthy wonders come with free shipping and a money-back guarantee. Elevate your boating experience with the unmatched reliability of Sea Eagle Sport Runabouts."
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