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Sea Eagle

Inflatable Boat Sea Eagle 12'6" Swivel Seat

Inflatable Boat Sea Eagle 12'6" Swivel Seat

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Deluxe Package with Swivel Seat and Drop Stitch Floor!

"Discover the spacious yet highly portable Sea Eagle 12'6" Sport Runabout Inflatable Boat – the perfect blend of roominess and convenience. Whether you're seeking ample space for up to 6 adults or a robust carrying capacity of 1600 lbs, this rugged boat delivers. Ideal for those who prioritize spaciousness without compromising on portability, it conveniently packs away small enough to stow under deck, in an RV, or in the trunk of a compact car.

Engineered for optimal performance, the rigid inflatable drop stitch floor allows for a max horsepower motor rating of 20hp, ensuring a powerful and efficient ride on the water. The Sport Runabouts Series, available at The Boat Outlet, stands out for its remarkable lightweight-to-size ratio, buoyancy, and efficiency.

Say goodbye to the challenges of large, heavy, and bulky wooden or aluminum floorboards. With a 25% reduction in overall hull weight and a 50% smaller storage footprint, these inflatable boats redefine practicality. Perfect as tenders, for RV or SUV transport, or easy below-deck stowage, they offer unparalleled versatility.

Enhanced by high-pressure rigid inflatable drop stitch floors, these tough and rugged boats are not only lighter but also easier to set up, less expensive to motor, and far more portable. Whether you're into fishing, skin-diving, or simply cruising, the Sport Runabouts are your go-to all-around boats.

Choose the Sea Eagle 12'6" Sport Runabout from The Boat Outlet for a seamless blend of spacious design and on-the-go convenience. Enjoy free shipping and our money-back guarantee, making your purchase not just practical but risk-free. Elevate your boating experience with the Sport Runabouts Series – where roominess meets portability."

Package includes everything in the Deluxe Package plus a super comfortable swivel seat mounted on 2 aluminum cross boards. Super comfortable seating for long distant boat rides!

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