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Sea Eagle

Inflatable Boat Sea Eagle 10'6" Swivel Seat Package

Inflatable Boat Sea Eagle 10'6" Swivel Seat Package

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Everything in the Deluxe package with a super stable swivel seat mounted on 2 aluminum cross boards. Makes motoring long distances super comfortable!

"Seaworthy in All Conditions - Our commitment to excellence in marine craftsmanship is epitomized by the Sea Eagle Sport Runabouts, a trusted choice since 1997. These boats have undergone rigorous testing worldwide, enduring Long Island's diverse conditions – from calm seas to 10-12 foot ocean waves in violent thunderstorms, showcasing their unparalleled resilience.

Patented Outside Drop Stitch Inflatable Keel (U.S. Patent #8,286,573 2) sets these boats apart, offering unique performance benefits. Facilitating sharp and precise turns, the keel is a true asset when navigating crowded harbors or approaching docks. The inflatable drop stitch keel also provides extra buoyancy at the bow, allowing the boat to ride over waves instead of plowing through. Combined with large rear rounded tubes, Sea Eagle transom boats achieve plane faster, boasting superior precision, responsiveness, and stability in all sea conditions.

The Rigid High-Pressure Inflatable Drop Stitch Floor ensures excellent rigidity, structural strength, and added flotation at a fraction of the weight. Weight savings of 31 lbs. in a 10.6sr, 34 lbs. in a 12.6sr, and 41 lbs. in a 14sr make these boats ideal for yacht owners seeking a super lightweight and easy-to-handle tender. This feature is equally valuable to motorhome owners, fishermen, and recreational boaters who prioritize less weight and faster setup times.

Enhanced safety features include 5 Separate Independent Safety Air Chambers for added protection: Bow (front), Starboard Side (right-side), External Keel, *Removable Inflatable Drop Stitch Floor, and Portside (left-side). This multi-chamber system provides an extra level of security and peace of mind during your maritime adventures. (*Drop Stitch Inflatable Floor is an optional alternative to plastic floorboards.)

Choose Sea Eagle Sport Runabouts for an unmatched combination of safety, seaworthiness, and innovation. Trust a legacy of excellence that comes with free shipping and a money-back guarantee, ensuring your investment is not just seaworthy but risk-free too."

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