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Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle TC16K Travel Canoe with Electric Pump

Sea Eagle TC16K Travel Canoe with Electric Pump

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"Embark on family adventures with the Sea Eagle TC16K Travel Canoe – the epitome of convenience, comfort, and versatility! Powering your family's water escapades, this inflatable canoe offers three adjustable sitting options, ensuring everyone finds their perfect spot. With three included paddles and two inflation methods, setup is a breeze, letting you focus on the joy of the journey.

Experience ease at every step – from inflation to paddling. The electric pump facilitates a swift and straightforward setup, making it the perfect companion for spontaneous outings. Thanks to its innovative design, this canoe is not just easy to set up but also a joy to use on the water.

What sets the TC16K apart is its commitment to simplicity without compromising on quality. Traditional wood/web canoe seats add a touch of timeless charm to your water adventures, providing both comfort and style. And when the journey concludes, packing up is as effortless as the initial setup – easy to transport and store until the next aquatic escapade.

Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to the Sea Eagle TC16K – where power, comfort, and convenience converge for an unparalleled family canoeing experience. Who could ask for more in a travel canoe?"
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