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Sea Eagle

Inflatable Boat Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 Swivel Seat

Inflatable Boat Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 Swivel Seat

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The perfect two-person package for those who already own up to a 10 hp outboard motor. Featuring 360° Swivel Seat Fishing Rigs, each with two Universal Scotty Rod Holders, and a SUP paddle.

"Experience the next level of fishing with Sea Eagle's enhanced FishSkiff™ 16 Inflatable Fishing Boat – now lighter, stronger, and more packable than ever! Featuring a patented 6" deep, high-pressure, rigid, external, inflatable keel (U.S. Patent #8,286,573 2), this current generation FishSkiff16™ is a technological marvel, weighing only 95 lbs thanks to the latest double-layer, high-pressure, all-drop-stitch, fusion technology.

The NEW EXTERNAL INFLATABLE KEEL with protective keel guard takes performance and handling to new heights. Enjoy a smoother, softer cushioned ride, increased bow lift and buoyancy, reduced friction and draft, enhanced performance in rough conditions and following seas, added protection and rigidity, an additional independent safety air chamber, and improved self-bailing properties.

The revolutionary "Roll Up & Stow - Unroll & Go" design allows this 1, 2, or 3-person inflatable FishSkiff16™ to roll up and stow effortlessly. Forget the burdens of trailers, ramps, expensive fuel costs, maintenance, and storage fees. Crafted with high-pressure fusion drop-stitch technology, it provides all the benefits of a rigid hull without the added hassles.

The Fishing Skiff Series introduces a new approach to fishing with the PATENTED Sea Eagle FishSkiff™. This superior inflatable craft requires no trailer, allowing fishing everywhere from skinny to deep water. Its innovative hull design maximizes speed, handling, performance, stability, fuel efficiency, and safety. Nearly unsinkable and completely self-bailing with four separate independent large air-filled chambers, the FishSkiff™ supports an incredible weight yet drafts as little as six inches of water. ROLL UP & STOW - UNROLL & GO!

- Person Capacity: 3
- Hull Weight: 84 lbs. (95 lbs. with transom)
- Length: 16 ft.
- Width: 4 ft. 6 in.
- Load Capacity: 1 to 3 Person or 1765 lbs.
- Inflation Pressure: 15 psi
- Speed Estimates: Up to 21.5 mph w/ 1 person, 12-18 mph w/ 2-3 persons

Standard Features:
- Patented 6" deep, external, inflatable keel
- NMMA & CE Certified
- Double-layered, tough as crocodile hide hull material
- All drop-stitch construction for incredible rigidity & high air pressure capacity
- (3) Separate, independent air chambers for added safety
- Completely self-bailing
- Rolls up and stows in most car trunks
- Can take up to a 10 hp outboard
- Travels up to 21.5 mph w/ 10 hp motor
- Full non-slip EVA foam deck padding
- Option to use gas or electric motors or both
- Removable transom

The FishSkiff™ 16 – Where innovation meets convenience. Order yours today and elevate your fishing experience with Sea Eagle's cutting-edge technology and design!"

Introducing the FishSkiff™ FSK16, a revolutionary watercraft designed for avid anglers seeking unmatched performance and versatility. Packed with cutting-edge features, this inflatable boat takes your fishing experience to new heights.

**New Patented External Rigid Inflatable Keel:**
Unleash the power of innovation with our patented external rigid inflatable keel, setting a new standard in performance and handling. This groundbreaking design enhances buoyancy, reduces friction, and ensures optimal performance even in challenging conditions. The protective keel guard adds durability, while the additional safety air chamber provides peace of mind on every adventure.

2 Person Swivel Seat Package

The perfect two-person package for those who already own up to a 10 hp outboard motor. Featuring 360° Swivel Seat Fishing Rigs, each with two Universal Scotty Rod Holders, and a SUP paddle.

Component Value
Shipping: (FREE) $135
Total: $2,834
FSK16 2 Person Swivel Seat Package Price:(Item# FSK16K_SW) $2,199
Your Savings: $635
Hull $1,999
Locking Swivel Seat Fish Rig $229
Green Swivel Seat Fish Rig $229
SUP Paddle $69
Boat Carry Bag for FSK16 $59
Two 7" Pedestals $50
SUP Pump $49
Repair Kit $15
Package price and FREE SHIPPING valid in contiguous United States of America.

*U.S. Patent- #8,286,573 2*

**Scotty Pads: Bow & Stern Locations:**
Customize your fishing rig with ease using the strategically placed Scotty Pads at the bow and stern. Attach a variety of Scotty Fishing Accessories, including the Scotty Anchor Lock, rod holders, lights, and more. Unleash your creativity and tailor your FishSkiff™ to your unique fishing style.

*Scotty Anchor Lock not included.*

**Trolling Motor Mount Attachment System:**

Effortlessly maneuver your FishSkiff™ with the trolling motor mount attachment system. Perfect for stealthy approaches, giving you the upper hand in securing that elusive trophy fish. Seize the opportunity with this versatile and efficient trolling motor attachment system.

**Two Built-In 40" FishRulers:**

Ensure compliance with fishing regulations and capture the true size of your trophy catches with two built-in 40" FishRulers. Conveniently located for quick measurements, these rulers add a practical touch to your fishing experience.

**Removable Transom:**

Experience unparalleled convenience with the removable transom. Lighten the load for easy transportation, check it as luggage, and pack it down smaller. Attach the transom, and you're ready to power up with up to a 10 hp outboard motor.

**Low Profile Gunwales:**

Designed for unsinkable performance, the low-profile gunwales provide unprecedented access to the water. Facilitate fish landings, make catch and release a breeze, and effortlessly re-enter after snorkeling or SCUBA diving. The FishSkiff™ ensures a stress-free and enjoyable experience on the water.

**4 Separate Independent Safety Air Chambers:**

Prioritize safety with our four separate independent safety air chambers. Featuring double-layered, reinforced hull material, these chambers (Starboard Side, Floor, Portside, and Keel) provide an added layer of security, making your fishing expedition secure and worry-free. Trust in the durability that's tough as crocodile hide.

Elevate your fishing game with the FishSkiff™ FSK16, where innovation meets adventure on the open water! On Sale Now @ The Boat Outlet!

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