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Sea Eagle

Fishing Kayak Sea Eagle 385fta Pro FastTrack

Fishing Kayak Sea Eagle 385fta Pro FastTrack

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The Pro Angler Package features Tall Back Seats with contoured seat bases and wrap around sides to provide jet pilot cockpit style seating.

**About the Sea Eagle 385fta FastTrack™ Angler Series Inflatable Fishing Boat:**

**1. Patented NeedleKnife™ Keel:**
- State-of-the-art external rigid inflatable NeedleKnife™ Keel for a faster and smoother paddling experience.
- Sharp, narrow, tapered bow for quicker entry through wind, waves, and current.
- U.S. Patent #8,286,573 2.

**2. Rugged Fishing Kayak Design:**
- One or two-person capacity for versatile angling experiences.
- Engineered for rugged fishing conditions, providing durability and stability.

**3. Portability and Convenience:**
- Eliminates the need for a costly boat, trailer, fuel, and ramp fees.
- No gas smell, toxic fumes, or water pollution, reducing the environmental impact.
- Quick setup time and easy access to remote fishing spots.
- Portable and convenient, stows in your car trunk, ready to go at all times.

**4. Stealthy Fishing Experience:**
- Stealthily approach trophy fish without detection.
- Glide into the heart of fishing locations with minimal disturbance.

**5. Advanced Features:**
- FastTracks™ patented external rigid inflatable keel for enhanced performance.
- Thicker, nearly indestructible hull material for durability.
- Non-slip tough as crocodile hide protective padding for safety.
- Built-in rod, tool, hook, and lure holders for convenience.
- Built-in Fish Rulers for easy measurement of your catch.
- U.S. Patent #8,286,573 2.

**6. Cost-Efficient and Eco-Friendly:**
- Minimize costs associated with traditional fishing methods.
- Reduce the carbon footprint, contributing to eco-friendly angling.

**7. Fishing Adventure Beyond Traditional Methods:**
- Designed by and for fishermen seeking adventure beyond traditional fishing approaches.
- Enjoy the freedom to explore new and inaccessible fishing spots.

Experience the thrill of fishing with the Sea Eagle 385fta FastTrack™ Angler Series Inflatable Fishing Boat, offering cutting-edge features and a design tailored for the modern angler.

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