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Sea Eagle

Inflatable Boat Sea Eagle 14' Swivel Seat Canopy Package

Inflatable Boat Sea Eagle 14' Swivel Seat Canopy Package

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"Introducing the 14' Sport Runabout Inflatable Boat, a top choice for larger groups, as well as police and fire departments, ensuring reliability in various water adventures. Capable of accommodating up to 7 adults or an impressive 2000 lbs, this rugged boat is a powerhouse on the water.

Optimize your experience with the inflatable drop stitch floor package, allowing a max horsepower motor rating of 25hp with a 15" shaft motor for peak performance. The Sport Runabout Series, available at The Boat Outlet, stands out for its exceptional lightweight-to-size ratio, buoyancy, efficiency, and stowability.

With a focus on practicality, these inflatable boats boast high-pressure rigid inflatable drop stitch floors, reducing overall hull weight by nearly 25%. This innovative design not only makes them easier to set up but also more affordable to motor, enhancing their portability. Enjoy a 50% reduction in storage footprint compared to traditional wooden or aluminum floorboards, making them perfect as tenders, for RV or SUV transport, or convenient below-deck stowage.

When you choose the Sport Runabouts Series from The Boat Outlet, you're investing in a versatile and rugged inflatable boat ideal for fishing, skin-diving, or leisurely cruises. Take advantage of our free shipping and money-back guarantee, ensuring your purchase is not just practical but risk-free. Dive into the world of water adventures with confidence, knowing you have the support of The Boat Outlet behind you."
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